Ukrainian Action Heroes is a rehabilitation program welcoming injured Ukrainian soldiers and veterans from the southern front to the Carpathian mountains to learn to ski, snowboard, meditate and heal in the serenity of the mountains. The program includes travel, room and board, daily access to an experienced military chaplain and qualified psychologist, group therapy, wellness, and mindfulness activities. The goal of the program is to help Ukraine’s heroes recover from the trauma of active warfare, provide tools to deal with PTSD and a place of refuge and solace. The pilot programme consists of three groups of six ‘heroes’ launching on 1st Feb 2024 and is facilitated by Ukrainian Action. £1,000 covers the cost of a two week rehabilitation program for one hero.

About Ukrainian Action (UA):

Ukrainian Action is a non-profit dedicated to supporting the survival and development of Ukrainian Citizens. UA buy vehicles (pick ups, ambulances) in the UK and drive/donate them to Ukraine with 49 convoys delivering 249 vehicles since the full scale invasion of Ukraine started in 2022. These vehicles save lives by distributing humanitarian aid to liberated areas and evacuating civilians from conflict. UA support infrastructure projects such as rebuilding shattered windows, mental health and rehabilitation programs in Ukraine.